Hey dearies, it’s been quite a while right? Had lots of things to take care of at the other side of the house. Really missed you guys you know. Missed all the kicking of asses and all the haters of REALITIES. The goodnews is, I’m back to continue with the act of kicking some butts. So tell me, did you miss me ladies?? Ok now, married and unmarried, you get to the house of the man you are with, what do you do?
For the unmarried, the guys have been warned not to force you to do anything at home because you have not been married. This means if he wants someone to get the chores in his house done, someone’s dowry would need to be paid. But, true, he should not make you feel guilty for not agreeing to do any chore in his house because you are still a visitor and under normal circumstances, should not sleep in his house.
But now girl, on your own, would you allow your guys house to be dirty and then the kitchen looking dirty, unkept and empty? I’m sure you do not want that. Do some cleaning up of the house ESPECIALLY if there’s a clue that the relationship is working out and is progressing to a point where you both will smile. So do not just sit around the house with crossed legs, waiting for maids to wash you up and get you dressed up. Get those little butts into the HOME not just the HOUSE.
A married woman has to work at home, but that, we will treat in subsequent posts. But for the singles, be hardworking. Your man needs to know that what he is investing in is working out well. Afterall he buys you stuff, that is not an excuse to expect you to kill yourself for him either. But girly, DO SOME WORK and make that man smile, knowing he did not make a mistake in choosing you as his woman.


The Home Front


Yeah! This is good business right? Yes it is and for our single ladies who do not know, this is an area you really need to work on. Seriously, no right thinking guy would want to have a very haggered looking lady for keeps would they? Of course not! You do not need to look like a queen with crowns and expensive stuff to look good, no, you do not. JUST LOOK NEAT, CLEAN and SMART in whatever it is you are wearing and be on you way.
Be sure to know what to put on for different occasions. You surely cannot put on a sweet dinner gown to the office simply because it is beautiful would you, nahhh, i guess not. We all have our choices when it comes to dressing, but whatever it is you decide to wear, make sure you look beautiful and smart in them. And pleaseee, we know a guy or man will always come for you eventhough you are in rags and in a hole or cave, but do try to give this guy a little hope and he wouldn’t have much to do in working on you to make you someone that could be called HIS.
If you always complain that guys have not been coming to ask for a relationship of any sort, eventhough they are not for real, then you need to look inwardly, do a self appraisal and sincerely show to yourself what you need not be doing that you are soo engolfed in. If you want to be employed, you need to be qualified. Keep the balance and ALWAYS BE THE YOU IN YOU

Looking Good


You never know who is looking at you girl. So at all times, it is good to be of good behaviour – being at your best. The way way you move, you talk, you address others, being courteous, respectful and JUST BEING A LADY pays a lot. You could end up getting the attention of a prospective boss or a future husband.
The secret of doing this is by being NATURAL. Do not put up artificial outlook when it comes to your character. Have a beautiful carriage and always smile. That is how a lady should always look – GRACEFUL and friendly. You do not need to put on extravagant clothes to be noticed. Be simple but beautiful and you will be found in whatever hole you are in.
A palpable is the antidote for civilization.



Yeah girl! You’re really smart. That is if getting married to someone else’s husband is smart, then thumbs up. But let me ask you something, the guy that left a girl/lady for you, what guarantee do you have that he will not abandon you for someone else, or more painfully, for the same person he left for you? Why are you such a nuisance to yourself, not being able to do as little as get yourself a man to call your own, but shaking those tiny little peices with the sole aim of seducing and distracting someone you know is with someone else? Jeezzz, how disgusting. Sharing a man with someone else, how humiliating. Reducing yourself to absolutely NOTHING.
Thanks to all the guys/husbands who have stood their grounds in telling those THINGS off. Sorry, not all men are like that. Why on earth would you want to deprive a lady of the joy and happiness she is experiencing? It may have taken this lady her whole life to get the man you just took away from her.

The Smart Girl


Many of the beauties we see around ask these questions. But really, can and should a lady, married or unmarried – by that I mean courtship and the already married ladies. Can and should she cater for the family or her man? Situations arise where, maybe after a while, the guy’s job is not productive as it used to, or he happens to lose his job and ”ends” can no longer meet, can and should the lady fend for them both and the family?
If you – the lady, has the means, PLEASE fend for you both and the family. Being in a relationship is not a child’s play. That is why relationships are not for CHILDREN and the young at heart because it involves doing things and taking and handling weighty responsibilities in a well founded relationship.
This means that your relationship must have been well defined before you make any such sacrifices and YES, you can and you SHOULD. Truth is, you do not need to wait until your man looses his job before you buy him stuff, cook with what you might call ”your own money”, and take him out for a treat. You shouldn’t always be at the receiving end, GIVE to your man. When you do this, do it from your heart and see the blessings that follow from the lips of the man you want to be yours or your own man as the case may be. There is no such thing as ”my money” in any relationship. Do things together and be reasonable when you spend.

Can You? Should You?


There are so many ways a lady can contribute to the welfare of her relationship, either as married or unmarried. The guy happens to be the head in that relationship, this does not make the tail, it makes you the neck. Being the neck therefore means that without FULL support from the neck, the head cannot even stay on the body and this will make the whole body incomplete and in fact, that body will not even exist – a headless body? No way naaawww.
The fact that you are the neck, doesn’t and shouldn’t give you the nerve to misuse that power to support the head. Afterall, without the head, the neck is also useless. What would be it’s use? NOTHING really. This therefore means that you have to play your role well in supporting your man. If there are cases where he happens to be broke, can you assist? You should actually. Pleaseee, there is nothing like MY OWN in ANY relationship. If you are earning more than he is, try to see how to handle some expenses in the house and hand him some cash also.
If your man has the cash, please, plan well with him. Do not squander his sweat on irrelevant things without his consent. Well, irrelevant things are irrelevant right? If you must spend on yourself, ask him first, even when the money is yours. It will help you save too. His money is your money so, can you steal from yoourself? DO NOT STEAL FROM YOUR MAN. Help him build his life and you will never be taken for granted.